How To Use BAASH


Create A Team

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1. Tap +Button > Create Team

Tap the + button on the top right-hand corner > “create team” to create your team on BAASH. 

2. Add Your Info

Add your profile photo, name your team, and select team size to proceed.

(Brawl Stars – team of 3   |   MLBB – team of 5)

3. Add Your Teammates

Add your teammates by clicking the small grey + button and searching their BAASH ID’s in-app. (Make sure your teammates have BAASH installed)

Or, simply click “Invite Friends” to share with your team to join.

4. Click Save

Click the pink save button and you’re done!


5 Easy Steps for BAASH

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1. Join A Tournament

Select BAASH Open tournament (your country) by clicking the image of the tournament and click PLAY.

2. Get Ready

Once the tournament is ready, tap “I’m Ready” > “OK, let’s go” and wait for your opponent to be ready.

3. Start Match

Once both players appear as ready, tap LETS BAASH and click start now, BAASH will now record your gameplay.

(Make sure to input your MLBB/Brawl Stars ID into BAASH settings > game accounts). 

4. Submit Your Result

After your match, tap the yellow BAASH Button and click WIN/LOSE/DRAW for BAASH to submit your results into the app.

XIAOMI users, if after submitting results it does not take you back to BAASH, please make sure to reopen BAASH after submitting results

5. Play Again

Go back to the tournament and click get ready to battle your next opponent to work your way up the leaderboard!