BAASH Launches “BAASHer Of The Month” To Reward Mobile Gamers

BAASHer of the Month

Learn how the BAASH mobile esports tournament platform will reward its players through simply playing games. You heard that right, just playing your favorite games.

BAASH will be implementing a new BAASHer of the month series where players using the BAASH mobile esports platform will be able to win free skins, items, and more by simply playing in as many esports tournaments as possible. Tournaments will include Mobile Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift, Clash Royale, Call of Duty Mobile, and more!

The BAASHer of the month will be awarded by calculating the most active player through playing in the most completed matches on the app. This means the players must complete all steps on using BAASH including, 1. Joining a tournament, 2. Getting ready, 3. Starting a match, and 4. Submitting a score. 

Learn how to complete the 4 steps here.

BAASH mobiles esports tournament platform

About BAASH:

BAASH is the world’s first mobile-only esports platform, where anyone can Create, Compete in, and Discover Tournaments across thousands of mobile games. Available on both android and ios devices.

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