Everything You Need To Know About The BAASH Open 2020

A Mobile Esports Tournament To Remember

BAASH Open 2020 was BAASH’s first major mobile esports tournament which had over 1,700 participants from 7 regions across the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

The BAASH Open 2020 tournament format enabled the winners of each region a chance to team up with their favorite KOL’s in the playoffs. The top 3 winners would win exclusive gears from Razer. 

Backed by the Hong Kong government, BAASH was selected to organize the massive Southeast Asian mobile tournament, the first International tournament by BAASH. 

Two game titles were selected for the different Asian regions. The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia played Mobile Legends while Hong Kong and Taiwan played Brawl Stars.

Team Problema took out the Mobile Legends championship title with Moy Moy Palaboy while Team SWP from Taiwan won the Brawl Stars championship alongside Niniko.

A surprising theme of the tournament was the collaboration between the Manjean and Sh1nboo tandem in their last Mobile Legends live cast together. This made the BAASH Open’s main hashtag #FirstToLast more than just a hashtag, but a symbol and representation for the two pioneers and crowd favorite casting duo in the Phillippines, Manjeanboo.


The 9 hours, 50 minute long live-stream playoffs took place on the 12th of December where all the top teams who competed in multiple qualifying rounds showcased and teamed up with KOL’s online. The live-stream had approximately 120,000 views total with +1,000 peak concurrent viewers and +1,400 video shares.


The tournament was proudly sponsored by Razer, Cyberport, and Club Sim.


  • Eric Eruption Tai (Philippines)
  • Cherizawa and Rochi Barnacha (Philippines)
  • Roadfill (Philippines)
  • AudreyFF Real (Indonesia)
  • Polisi Ganteng Gamer (Indonesia)
  • Skywee (Singapore)
  • Ying Tze (Malaysia)
  • Jaazusuran (Malaysia)
  • Chung Chung (Hong Kong)
  • Niniko (Taiwan)


  • Manjean Faldas
  • Sh1nboo
  • Renmar the Reptar
  • Athena Rika

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About BAASH:

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